Seafood Sustainability is about the future, it is about the future of harvested species, it is about the future of the communities that depend upon it, it is about industry that is built around it, and it is about feeding healthy protein to growing population while making use of natural resources that will continue to flourish.

At Zalo Fresh, Sustainability is front and center of everything we do. It goes beyond certifications that a product or a raw material carries. We deeply care about our environment and we understand that every choice we make may negatively or positively affect our world. Sustainability doesn’t mean we stop using or consuming what we love, we just need to make a more informative decision is made. At Zalo Fresh, we proudly buy only sustainable products. We make sure that our sourced products are well managed and caught or farmed in ways that cause little harm to wildlife or other habitats.

Zalo Fresh Principles:

Sustainability of wild caught :

  1. Caught from healthy, abundant populations of marine life to ensure species are well-sustained
  2. Harvested in methods that limit bycatch and harm to species not intended for catch
  3. Harvested in responsibly managed areas to avoid overfishing and other harmful effects on wildlife
  4. Labor standards and ethics are observed and firmly upheld among marinas and fisheries

Certifications observed :

Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)

Sustainability of farm raised(aquaculture):

  1. Farmed in responsible, environmentally friendly fisheries
  2. Fed using species’ natural diets to ensure nutritional value, retention of natural color, and prevention of further processing
  3. Prohibition of antibiotics, hormones, and chemicals to safeguard against unnecessary contamination or modification
  4. Labor standards and ethics are observed and firmly upheld among farms and fisheries

Certifications observed :

Aquaculture Stewardship Council(ASC)
Best Aquaculture Practices(BAP)

Wild-Caught vs. Farm-Raised for Sustainability:

There are quite a few myths and misconceptions that influence popular opinion about farm-raised (aquaculture) vs. wild-caught seafood. However, if you consider the facts, catching and farming methods are often equally sustainable, each having their own advantages.

Despite the poor reputation often attributed to farm-raised seafood, fish raised on farms are able to be observed and surveyed throughout their entire life cycle––which gives us greater control of their consumption and habitat. In this case, we can know exactly where they’re located and what they’re eating at all times—something wild-caught methods lack. Responsible farming enables fisheries to ensure safe methods and practices, which revolve around:

1. location of the species (usually farmed in their natural habitat)
2. capacity of nets (to avoid overcrowding)
3. diet of the species (only natural diets are used to prevent discoloration)
4. cleanliness of nets and water

Zalo Fresh is committed to maintaining responsible standards concerning farming practices and outsourcing.

When it comes to wild-caught seafood, as long as the catching methods are eco-friendly––avoiding overfishing and harm to other species and habitats (which Zalo Fresh proudly advocates)––then there is little risk in terms of sustainability. Preventing harmful bycatch and pollution can sometimes be the biggest challenge for commercial fishermen, which is where aquaculture often proves to be more eco-friendly. However, if harmful methods can be mitigated, which they often are, wild-caught seafood preserves its positive impact and remains a sustainable option. Catching wild seafood is a tradition that, if kept safe and sustainable, will continue to nourish the planet far into the future.

Wild – Caught Seafood

We are committed to providing healthy wild-caught options that are not only sustainable but nourish both our consumers and the environment. Our wild-caught seafood is of the highest quality, ensuring safety, nutritional value, and traceability to its source.

Farm – Raised Seafood

Our commitment to safe farming practices is unmatched, allowing us to provide a variety of farm-raised options that are sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

Specialty Products

Our specialty products are created using our high-quality wild-caught and farm-raised seafood and held to the same strict standards. We offer a variety of breaded, prepared, and ready-to-cook seafoods that are convenient and serve as great additions to meals, gatherings, and cook-outs.