Seafood Mix


Seafood Mix

Seafood mix has a variety seafood all into one package. Inside you’ll find, shrimp, imitation crab, squid rings and tentacles, octopus’ slices and mussel meat. The bag is filled with rich and to mild flavors, firm and soft textures from each unique piece of seafood. Everything is precooked for easy convenience.

Product Description:

– Species : Shrimp, Imitation Crab, Squid Rings, Tentacles, Octopus Slices and Mussel Meat.
– Origin : China, Thailand, Vietnam
– Catch Method : Wild Caught

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Wild – Caught Seafood

We are committed to providing healthy wild-caught options that are not only sustainable but nourish both our consumers and the environment. Our wild-caught seafood is of the highest quality, ensuring safety, nutritional value, and traceability to its source.

Farm – Raised Seafood

Our commitment to safe farming practices is unmatched, allowing us to provide a variety of farm-raised options that are sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

Specialty Products

Our specialty products are created using our high-quality wild-caught and farm-raised seafood and held to the same strict standards. We offer a variety of breaded, prepared, and ready-to-cook seafoods that are convenient and serve as great additions to meals, gatherings, and cook-outs.